Nicole Kidman Shares How She Landed Her Sexy Role In ‘Paperboy’


Nicole Kidman explains how she convinced director Lee Daniels to cast her in the new film ‘The Paperboy’.

Nicole was determined to land the role of Charlotte, a sex-addicted woman who is obsessed with marrying a death row inmate (played by John Cusack). When she showed interest in the part, director Lee Daniels didn’t think she could deal with the movie’s low budget. “Lee said, ‘Look, we’ve got no money, you’re going to have to do your own hair and make-up'”. Nicole proved to him she could do that on her own. “So I actually went into my bathroom and I got out the fake tan and put on fake eyelashes and got a hairpiece thing that was platinum, threw it all on and texted a photo to Lee in all these different provocative positions. That’s how it came together. What he sent back I can’t say, but it was a thumbs up.”

She says the reason she wanted the job so bad was to challenge herself. “I’ve been looking as an actor for something raw and more dangerous in terms of performances, and then this came along. I may be uncomfortable watching the movie. But that’s my job — it’s my job to give over to something, not to censor it, not to put my own judgments of how I feel as Nicole playing the character. I am there to portray a truth.”

The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival this week and is due out in theaters later this year.


Photos by WENN