Celebrity Chef Giada De Laurentiis Is Creating Book Series For Kids


Giada De Laurentiis announced that she will release a new children’s series of books, “Recipe for Adventure”.

The ‘Giada at Home’ chef is targeting kids ages 7 to 10 with her adventure series, which will feature siblings Alfie and Emilia as they travel to great food cities around the world.

Giada shared her inspiration for the stories, “I come from a big Italian family, and if there is one thing they love more than food, it is storytelling – very often interrelated!  I loved listening to my grandfather’s elaborate tales of all the places he had been and all the food he had tasted along the way, and I couldn’t wait to explore and see and take in all those amazing places he talked about.’’

The first book in the series is set for release September 7th and the celebrity mom is excited to read them to her own daughter.  “My daughter, Jade, loves nothing more than when I tell her of my own tales of where I have been and what I have tasted along the way.  She is a huge inspiration as to why I wanted to write a series, but I also wanted to connect with those kids out there that maybe are feeling different and learning how to conquer that, and also to those kids that have a hunger for adventure. I wanted to carry on that tradition of storytelling by sharing some of my own experiences and recipes and let them know that adventure is always a footstep (and a page turn) away!”


Photo by Wenn.com