What Does Malin Akerman Think Of Motherhood So Far?


Malin Akerman and Roberto Zincone are happily settling in to parenthood, albeit a little bleary-eyed. 

Malin and Roberto welcomed their son Sebastian just five weeks ago and are already finding their parenting groove as they navigate life with a newborn.  Malin shared, "I feel sleep-deprived as usual, but my husband and I are tag-teaming it — we've got a groove going now.  The first week was a little bumpy. We kept looking at each other going, 'They just left us with this child? We're allowed to take a child home? It's crazy!' "

Despite the sleepless nights with Sebastian, they're head over heels for their bundle of joy.  "Now we've really gotten into it and it's so much fun. Four weeks into it, he's changing with facial expressions. I don't think I've turned on the television once — you're just watching this baby while he sleeps and eats and it's super exciting.  He's just this beautiful person. This love. It's the biggest love ever."


Photo Credit: Getty Images