Big Rich Atlanta: Meet the Cast

Big Rich Atlanta CastStyle is premering a new reality show on January 23 that depicts the outrageous and unseemly lives of Atlanta’s most privileged Georgia peaches. Before you tune into Big Rich Atlanta, learn about the cast of kooky characters you can expect will make a big splash on your small screen. 

Ashlee, 27

Ashlee from Big Rich AtlantaA former Miss Georgia Teen and now self-proclaimed Queen of Atlanta, Ashlee is one of the city’s most sought-after pageant coaches. A fixture on the Atlanta social scene, she can be found wherever the Cristal is flowing and the service is snappy. Ashlee is a highly-opinionated heiress, and you don’t want to get on her bad side!



Sharlinda from Big Rich AtlantaMarried to Q Parker of the R&B group 112, Sharlinda is an Atlanta socialite who will have you seeing double—she travels with a twin! Together, she and identical sister Brie run a successful nail salon. Level-headed Sharlinda is the voice of reason and go-to adviser to her daughter, Kahdijiha.

Kahdijiha, 26

Kahdijiha from Big Rich AtlantaSharlinda’s daughter, Kahdijiha, is a no-nonsense go-getter and marketing executive. With her glamorous mother and celebrity father, Kahdijiha is a jet-setter in Atlanta’s social scene and ready to take on the world.  

Check out this video featuring Kahdijiha, her mother, Sharlinda, and aunt, Brie.


Virginia from Big Rich AtlantaNew to the Atlanta scene, Virginia followed her daughters, Harvin and Meyer, to Georgia from small town, South Carolina. The sassy and now single mom is hoping to keep them on track as they embark on a new adventure (on her dime!).  “Goose” will guide her girls as they launch a new jewelry line, hoping to show them that business hours start before noon.  The mom of three admits working with family is unique “since you say and do things you never would with a regular colleague.” Independently wealthy and armed with an MBA, Virginia not only wants to keep an eye on her investment, she’s hoping to revitalize up her social life with someone special.  

Harvin, 30

Harvin from Big Rich AtlantaHarvin, Virginia’s eldest daughter, has channeled her negative energies into a clothing and jewelry line called She Blames Me, creating fashion and accessories inspired by women she and Meyer hate. It’s like therapy, but more glamorous! This “blontrepreneur” (Harvin’s term for blonde entrepreneur) is determined to make the line a smashing success so she “won’t ever have to go back to working 9 to 5 again” and admits their “quality of life has gone up” since Virginia sailed into town.  Harvin’s style is a mega-cool mix of princess, Brit rock, and Lady Gaga. 

Meyer, 27

Meyer from Big Rich AtlantaVirginia’s youngest daughter is in a world all her own—and it’s a non-stop party. She does as she pleases and never holds her tongue. This blonde bombshell is a morning person, as long as that morning starts after noon. Meyer’s lack of a filter and her restless need to stir up excitement and drama has landed her plenty of nemeses who now serve as inspiration for her family’s jewelry line. Co-star Ashlee, who “annoys the stew” out of Meyer, has inspired a shocking necklace that you’ll have to watch the season premiere to see! 


Marcia on Big Rich AtlantaAtlanta socialite Marcia runs a posh interior design company, but recently has her sights set on a new venture: a boutique on wheels business with her daughter Megan. Marcia’s motto: eat, drink and remarry! Marcia loves to recycle (husbands), as she’s been married four times to three men.  

Meagan, 28

Meagan from Big Rich AtlantaMeagan, a strict vegetarian who turns her nose up at fast food, is going on her third year in real estate. Meagan hopes to branch out into the fashion world with a rolling boutique/fashion truck business. With her wealthy, fashion-obsessed social circle, Meagan has a ready-made customer base. Meagan and former beauty queen Ashlee share a boyfriend, Zach—or at least they did before Ashlee tricked Meagan into breaking up with him so she could have him to herself! It’s no wonder those two aren’t BFFs. 


Katie from Big Rich AtlantaConservative Katie is a born and bred fourth-generation Atlanta native who loves everything about Southern living: the manners, the gentlemen, the food and most of all, the respectful kids.  

Diana, 17

Diana from Big Rich AtlantaDiana, daughter of Katie, is the youngest socialite of the cast and an all-around American girl. This sweet Southerner loves fashion, and vows to never wear the same outfit twice in one school year. Diana strives to emulate the fresh and trendy style of Kendall and Kylie Jenner and is preparing to enter her very first pageant.


Sabrina from Big Rich AtlantaSabrina, aka the dancing preacher, is a vivacious and self-declared “overprotective” mom to Anandi. The former professional dancer, who worked with Bobby Brown and girl group TLC, is now dancing only for the Lord. This prancing preacher is rich, single and ready for anything these socialites throw her way. Sabrina lists her style icons as the Kardashian sisters.

Anandi, 19

Anandi on Big Rich AtlantaAnandi hopes her preacher mom will loosen up those steel apron strings so she can spread her wings—but not too far! The conservative teen is an avid reader and part time model who looks up to the old-school glamour style of Marilyn Monroe, treating every day like a red carpet photo op.