Why We’re Looking Forward to Season 4 of Dance Moms

When I was a kid, I dreamed of becoming a ballerina—an ambition I quickly abandoned when my dance teacher gave the class a lecture on the evils of french fries. Well, the gals from Dance Moms are made of sterner stuff than I! They do whatever it takes to keep dancing and please their highly-regarded (but very tough!) dance teacher, Abby Lee Miller, who never lets up and reminds the girls that “everyone is replaceable.” Gulp.

I cannot WAIT for the new season. Watching these crazy talented little dancers perform amazing numbers is total wish-fullfilment for me, and apparently their mothers agree—these . . . um . . . determined moms encourage their kids to keep at it, at all costs!

I’m psyched for this season because promises to be even more intense than ever as Abby embarks on a national tour to scout the best and most elite young dancers in the county. Fresh blood will heighten the competition, which means each mom will have to fight to keep her daughter in the limelight and make sure she gets a chance to shine on stage.

The new season of Dance Moms premiers on Lifetime on January 1st, but in the meantime, get your fix with this clip: