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Mott’s Juice Drink: Jillian’s Product Review

Around here, juice is our lunchtime drink. Since the kids drink it on a regular basis I've been trying to find a juice drink that is lower in sugar, packed with vitamin C, and has a flavor the kids can get excited about. I found it!

Mott's. (You know Mott's right? We've been loving Mott's since we were kids, haven't we?!) Well Mott's has a new line of flavors. We got to try Mott's Wild Grape Surge and Mott's Fruit Punch Rush. Lucky us!

The Wild Grape Surge has a really bold flavor. Yum! It's super sweet and contains a full serving of fruit per cup! Maddy gets her sweet fix and I make sure she's one step closer to her fruit servings for the day. Win, win.

The Mott's Fruit Punch Rush is smooth and has a delicious flavor. I usually love grape flavors so I expected Wild Grape Surge to be my favorite. But I think Fruit Punch Rush is my first choice. 


Maddy finished her cup of Fruit Punch Rush so fast I didn't even have a chance to get the camera ready… I think she liked it! (She's sticking with Wild Grape Surge as her favorite though.)

With Mott's fun new flavors the kids feel like they are getting a special treat and I am happy to be providing them with 100 percent of their daily value for vitamin C! It's not always easy to do both. This feels like a mommy victory! (Plus the container fits perfectly in the fridge door… just saying.)