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10 Road Trip Snacks the Kids Can Make For You

Imagine how great it would be if you could outsource just one task that would make your road trip really awesome. Road trip snacks! Here are a few recipes that you can get the babes to make (and pack) for themselves. Can you picture it? Getting ready for a holiday without little people under your feet? It’s definitely possible.

10 Road Trip Snack the Kids Can Make Themselves

Just remember to do all the oven-work for the kids and it’s a good idea to measure out the necessary ingredients prior to starting. If your kids are really young, remember that they’ll need to be supervised at all times. Check out my favourite super-good, super-easy road trip snacks recipes in the gallery.

So tell me, what do you take along on your family road trips? What do the babes in your family love to snack on?

Stace x

More great snack ideas for kids:

Image: Kirsten Doyle