Cake Love

Love cake? Obsessed with cupcakes? Don't stop at just eating them – incorporate them into your decor!

  1. Wooden cake pedestal from Herriott Grace
  2. Kid's cupcake apron from Anthropologie
  3. Lacy cake stands from Teaspoon
  4. Cupcake plates from Cake Spy
  5. Cake painting by Paul Ferney
  6. Felted cupcake ornament from Made in Lowell
  7. Print by blu lima

The cake and cupcake craze is full-on, and with good reason: these goodies are as pretty as they are tasty! Pull them into your decor and add instant whimsy to your surroundings – let prints and paintings adorn your walls, display cake stands and pedestals atop counters and tables, and use accessories like aprons to add unexpected sweetness to otherwise everyday tasks.