A Better Way to Buy Wine, Wherever You Live

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I like wine. Scratch that, I LOVE wine. But my love for wine goes just about that far: over the years I’ve identified the 3-4 varietals that I typically like, and I haven’t strayed far from that. My tasting notes on wine are typically “yummy” or “not so yummy.”

I’ve always wanted to get adventurous with good wine…but good wine sometimes comes at a not-so-good price. So, I typically stick to what I already know. Now that we’ve moved thousands of miles away from the Napa Valley, weekend wine tastings are no longer an option, and my husband and I have had a 750 mL-sized hole in our daily lives to fill. We’re thrilled to have discovered an option for trying new wines that doesn’t require us to travel 1000 miles (or heck, even leave our living room).

Lot18 (already a favorite of ours for delivering amazing wines at a crazy-great price) has introduced Tasting Room—it’s like a wine service that’s tailored EXACTLY to your own tastes (rather than the typical wine club that leaves it up to an “expert” to select your wines for you).

Upon joining, Tasting Room sends you a Wine Sampler Kit (6 mini bottles of wine). From there, you log onto Tastingroom.com for instructions on how to taste and rate the wine. The instructions are easy—it’s a bit like the eye test at the optometrist. “Which wine do you prefer: Wine #1 or wine #2?”

There are no obnoxious wine experts asking you if you taste a hint of cherry or to check out the great legs on the wine. After a simple series of questions, Tasting Room analyzes your tastes and generates an instant wine profile for you, filled with personalized advice for what types of wines to ask for in restaurants, pairing tips, wines to avoid and more. Then they take it one step further: You’re in the club. 12 full-sized (750 mL) high-quality bottles of wine, personalized exactly to your tastes, are delivered to your doorstep every three months. The shipments cost $149.99—that’s $13 a bottle. It’s rare that we can beat that price for good wine, especially out here in the Midwest.

Life’s way too short to take a gamble on wine I don’t like. I’ll take 12 bottles with “yummy” tasting notes, please.

Follow this link to get your own Tasting Room kit delivered to your doorstep for $6.95 (regularly $39.95)! You’ll be tasting wine in the comfort of your PJs in no time.