Stability ball workout in the summer
With summer here and kids hanging around the house, finding time to exercise can be a challenge. Your workout need not suffer the seasonal schedule if you come up with a few creative strategies to sneak in a workout in organized pieces. Rethink your gym routine and get outdoors with the family and a stability ball!



Backyard Burn

Make use of a stability ball for simple exercises that can be accomplished in the comfort and convenience of your own backyard. Enlisting your kids participation is fun and will help keep you motivated and accountable. While your little athletes jump rope, have them count sets as you try these exercises.Stability ball leg workout

Wall squats (targets thighs)

 Place stability ball against a wall and lean into it, about mid-back. Your feet should be a little more than shoulder-width apart, and about 12 inches out from your hips. Roll down the wall, settling into a squat, as if you are sitting down into a chair, until your knees reach ninety degrees. Hold this sitting position for about two seconds. Roll back up the wall to original position and then repeat. Do three sets of fifteen.

Ball to the Wall (targets bottom, thighs, and shoulders)

Stand facing wall, about three or four feet removed. Holding the ball and with palms facing the wall, bounce it up overhead against the wall to an imaginary line, about four feet above. As it comes down, catch it with straight arms and sit into a squat, bringing ball to your chest. Pay close attention to your form as you squat, lowering only until your knees are again at the ninety degree angle. Slowly stand back up and toss the ball again to your imaginary line. Repeat for three controlled sets of fifteen.

Hamstring Roll (targets hamstrings and bottom)

Lie on your back with arms by your side, palms down. Rest your heels on ball with straight legs. Dig your heels into ball, bending knees to ninety degrees while slowly raising your hips and rolling the ball toward you. Lower gradually as you roll ball back to original position. Repeat fifteen repetitions, three sets.
Try alternating jump rope and jumping jacks with your kids between each exercise to add cardio to your outdoor circuit. Have fun with it and your kids will, too!