woman in a towelIf so, you're not alone, ladies.

Writer Paige Towers feels your pain. She discusses her own trials and tribulations at the gym in her latest post for McSweeney's:

You’re going to do it. You’re going to take your clothes off in this room full of other adult women because you are an adult woman too and there will be no more of this junior high let-me-hide-my-lady-parts bullshit. You are paying $90 a month for this place, plus that extra fee for the specialized Pilates classes and the locker rental, and that means that you deserve to treat this place like your personal boudoir. You should not have to hide yourself away in a sticky bathroom stall in order to change into your yoga pants. No, ma’am. Today, things change. Today, you are going to let your nips fly.

Yes—they are going to fly.

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