Health Trend: Men Drinking Breast Milk


Can nutrient-rich breast milk be as beneficial for adults as it is babies? Some men think so — and they're turning to human breast milk to bulk up and to improve their health, according to a report.

And here's the thing: We're not talking about dads with breastfeeding wives; we're talking about body builders who are ordering the breast milk online.

Experts are puzzled by this sudden trend and worry about the safety of drinking breast milk from unscreened donors. But many body builders call breast milk "the greatest supplement ever" on message boards at And other men rave that it gives them incredible energy, in a form that's all natural.

To get their breast milk supply, these men are turning to sites such as which connects lactating women who want to sell or donate their milk with buyers — sometimes other moms, but not always. The site has had a "Men Buying Breast Milk" category since its inception four years ago, and founder Glenn Snow says he is not surprised that there's a demand for breast milk among men.

"Breast milk is amazing and can be used for health and wellness purposes regardless of the users' age or gender," he adds.