Report: New App Helps Parents Get Medication Dosages Just Right


Worried about giving your kid too much (or not enough) medication when fever strikes? The new Kids Fever MD app aims to fix all that. It provides an easy-to-use acetaminophen (Tylenol) and ibuprofen (Advil and Motrin) dosing calculator for kids (from their infant years through their teenage years), based on body weight and product.

These medications are commonly used for fever management and pain control, but over-dosage can be harmful and cause damage to your child’s liver, while under-dosage can be ineffective in treating the fever or pain. Parents won’t need to guess about the correct amount of medicine when they use the downloadable app.

The dosage and concentration of these types of medications can continually change as your child grows, so it’s important to always re-evaluate her dose based on her current weight and the available product. The Kids Fever MD app is available for both iPhones and Android smart phones, and was created by New Jersey board-certified pediatrician Dr. Julio Guerra.

Using the app, parents will specify the medicine, input information from the bottle, and record the weight of the child. The app then provides the recommended dose. To avoid confusion, this app gives a numerical value and visual representation of the correct amount of medication.