The “Do More” Challenge for Women

Aalex MorganWe just love this new Degree ad campaign that challenges women to “do more!” Featuring strong, multi-dimensional, kick-ass female athletes, who are unconstrained by their careers, these ads celebrate the force of femininity. Learn more about the ladies who are leading this Degree challenge.

Pro soccer player, Alex Morgan scored the game-winning goal at the London Olympics, bringing the gold to the US women’s soccer team, but that victory isn’t enough for this multi-talented competitor. When off the field, Alex is in the water, enjoying another passion: paddle boarding. Watch her talk about what it means to work hard in the clip below.

Athlete, Lolo Jones dominates in track and field, but she doesn’t let running define her. Not content competing on just one platform, Lolo was recruited to join the US national bobsled team. Whatever the game, Lolo plays to win. Hear what she has to say about competition in the clip below. (Refresh this page to see Lolo's clip.)