Meg ManionWhen your little one’s birthday is close to the holidays, it can be hard to make it a standout.  With less than 10 days to go before Christmas, photographer Meg Manion Silliker came up with a memorable (and stress-free!) way to celebrate her daughter Annie’s forth birthday: a trip to the spa! 

Photos courtesy of Meg Manion Silliker.  Visit Meg’s website, bluelime photography, and her blog, a twist of lime to see more of her gorgeous work.

Spa Birthday Party

How did you come up with the idea for Annie’s party?

Having a December birthday so close to Christmas can be hard on a little person. My husband and I agree to keep our home a Christmas-free zone until after our daughter’s birthday on the 17th.   This allows the focus to be on her and her special day.  This year Annie was not starting back to school until after the holidays, so we wanted to include just her special friends, the ones she has history with and the ones she has a relationship with.  So, what do you do with three 4-year-old girls on a very cold December day?  Head to the spa! Annie’s birthday theme this year was manicures and sparkles at a local spa in our town.  Here the girls were treated to very special manicures simultaneously, followed by dinner and cake at the birthday girl’s favorite restaurant du jour.


A Spa Party

What were some fun details that made it festive?

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.  A winter birthday must be celebrated and one so close to Christmas must be made special.  Annie was given a birthday crown for her first birthday and the tradition in our house is Annie wearing her birthday crown for a photo.  I am amazed that she has worn it four times already!  A close friend of mine is a beautiful seamstress and she made Annie an adorable winter themed skirt to wear on her special day.  The girls were all served hot chocolate with whipped cream and cookies during their manicures, and great care was taken while they were choosing their nail color.  When the manicures were finished, the girls were bundled up for our walk over to a local restaurant where the girls enjoyed their “goody” bags while we waited for pizza.  Lots of princess themed items, crowns, stickers and also spa accessories like pink files, mirror compacts, nail polish and candy.  Must have candy!A Spa Birthday Party

What helped to make this type of outing work for girls this young? 

This party was perfect.  It included Annie’s best friends who she adores and they were able to spend the afternoon together laughing and being pampered and feeling special. The moms enjoyed it, too, because believe it or not it was relaxing. The girls entertained themselves and we were able to carry on adult conversations.  The birthday cake was princess-themed and it worked out well when there were three princesses on the cake – perfect for Annie to share with her guests.  Being a photographer, it was a joy to document this.  A small intimate party held in the late afternoon followed by an early dinner was just perfect.  Home in time for a hot bubble bath followed by snuggling in bed with a good story and sweet dreams.


A Spa Party