Fun Polka Dot Accents

Add some fun to your surroundings with polka dot decor!

  1. Polka dot glassware from Fishs Eddy
  2. Bufta BIG light from Stray Dog Designs
  3. Pincushion DIY from Country Living
  4. Limited-edition bike by Gorman
  5. Dot to Dot towels from Garnet Hill
  6. Tea towel from geschichtenvonkat's Etsy shop

Stripes and polka dots are both classic, can't-go-wrong prints, yet they can add a real graphic punch to your decor.  Polka dots are best used in moderation as accent pieces so that they don't make your decor too kitschy, and there are plenty of ways to incorporate them into your home!  Liven up your kitchen with dot-decorated dishware, glasses, and even a tea towel; add a polka dot lamp to brighten up a bland area; and hang colorful, dotted towels in your bathroom.  Use polka dot fabric to whip up pillows and cushions for otherwise-neutral beds and couches, and if you're feeling really brave, choose one piece of furniture (like an upholstered armchair) to cover with polka dot fabric.  You'll really make a statement!