A Touch Of Green

When looking to decorate a room for your little boy, you can't go wrong with the color green. Here is some inspiration to get you started!

  1. Map of the United States from English Muffin's Shop on Etsy
  2. Lego stereo alarm clock
  3. Thelma Snail from Nicah's shop on Etsy
  4. Birch tree wall mural at Target
  5. Seed stitch quilt from Urban Outfitters
  6. Wrap me in royalty blanket from Cathi518's shop on Etsy
  7. Ice cream scoop print from the Painted Peep Show's shop on Etsy
  8. Little bird 18'' pillow from CB2
  9. Butterfly chair at Target

Remember when the word "green" made you think of a color and not something earth sustainable? The actual color green is tried and true for little boys, pairing well with yellows, oranges, blues, and browns. Maybe it will inspire them to eat their vegetables? Stranger things have happened.