Stylish Post It Notes


We all know it's the small things in life that make us happy. Here are 3 clever spins on the classic post-it note to add a little dash of happy to the mundane this year!

Leaf It-Notes

Leaf-It NotesLeaf It Post It


Tired of the of Post-It notes stuck all over your desk? Grow your own tree instead with Leaf-It notes! They're available in designboom's web shop.






ie-tags 2

If you're feeling guilty about using those colorful but wasteful Post-It notes, IE-TAG sticky notes by Naruse-Inokama Architects  are the perfect solution. They're made using paper converted from wood wastes taken from houses (they even take the shape of homes themselves). The "ie" in the name is Japanese for "house."


GreenMarkerGreen marker

If book space is too precious in your house to make room for plants, bring some green to your bookshelves with these wonderful GreenMarker grass blade bookmarks!