Valentine’s Day Treats: Bear Stamps On Etsy Good Enough To Eat

Some things are just to pretty to eat. With the Petit Ourson Guimauve rubber stamp set, you no longer have to face that dilemma–enjoy the fun of the marshmallow bears without having to see them go!

If you're not familiar with Petit Ourson Guimauve candies, they are tiny French chocolate-covered marshmallow treats in the shape of a bear. Think of them as the chocolate counterpart to the gummy bear, yet even more delicious. French Etsy seller Memi the Rainbow recreated these delectable treats as a rubber stamp set featuring the "daddy bear, mummy bear, and baby bear"–a complete set and perfect addition to your child's stamp collection.

ETSY BEAR STAMPMummy bear sports a sweet simple bow on her head, and baby bear is curled up into a little ball. The stamps have a wonderful vintage quality to them when used on paper. Your little one can use them as an accent to a small note, or pattern them repeatedly for decorative wrapping paper.


Each stamp is hand carved rubber on wood. The set of 3 is available on Etsy for $20.

Visit Memi the Rainbow on Etsy to view her entire collectionof handmade rubber stamps!