Jennie Garth Looks Forward To End Of The “Twilight Saga” Films

Jennie Garth admits that she's looking forward to the end of the "Twilight Saga" movies.

While she's incredibly proud of Peter Facinelli for his work on the films, she's excited over the thought of having her husband back.  "Oh, for sure. I can't even remember what life is like with a husband. I will be very happy."   Jennie says even though they make sure not to go longer than two weeks without seeing each other, their three daughters (Luca, 13, Lola, 8, and Fiona, 4) have a hard time dealing with Peter's hectic schedule between filming "Breaking Dawn" and working on his hit Showtime series "Nurse Jackie".  "It gets harder the more time he's gone. It's more of a challenge to keep everybody connected, and for the girls, they miss him so much, so it's kind of heart-wrenching to see him come and go. But there's no other way to keep him doing what he does and keep their lives normal. We could become a traveling circus — go with him wherever he goes and homeschool the kids. But they're enjoying having regular quiet lives, and we like them to be able to have that."

Jennie left '90210' in January of last year to focus on raising her girls and she doesn't regret it a bit: "He's on a roll, he's on fire right now. It's a great time for him. I've really been focusing on the family and the girls and keeping things normal for them. Whether it's a sacrifice or not, I don't know — but it's definitely what I want to be doing. I want him to take this time for himself and make the most of it. And besides, with him as the breadwinner, that dynamic works for a marriage."

If you haven't checked out Peter on "Nurse Jackie", I highly recommend it – he is absolutely hysterical.  His character is a good guy, but nothing like the squeaky clean Dr. Cullen. 

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