Jillian Michaels Shares Plan To Adopt A Baby From Africa

Jillian Michaels offers up more information about her choice to leave "The Biggest Loser".

A few months ago Jillian shared that she planned to leave the hit show to focus on starting a family.  She recently shared a bit more about that plan.  She explains that she has started the process of adopting a child from Africa.   “I’ve completed all of my paperwork; I’ve had all my physicals; I’ve been checked by the FBI – you have no idea!  Now I wait for a referral. That could be anywhere from six months to a year. I’m in a pilot program for the Democratic Republic of Congo so we’ll see. Then you get your referral and then you have to try to bring your kid back home. So, it’s a process… but I’m excited for it!”

She also shared that she has no preference regarding the baby's gender:  "I'm 36! Do you hear the clock? It doesn’t matter! As long as there’s a little teeny person with me, I’ll be good.”

Have you been watching the season of Biggest Loser? What do you think about the new trainers?

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