Top 6 Items To Kindle Post Child Romance

Finding romance with young kids around is a bit like searching for four-leaf clovers.

But have no fear, we’ve rounded up a few things that will have you feeling lucky and in the mood for love. Put the kids to bed early and check out our picks for bringing back that loving feeling.

  1. A little lace on the Yummie Tummie Camie Tank ($86) turns this slimming top into a secret weapon. This shapewear is designed to trim your tummy and can be worn under your tees or sweaters. The racy red color is ideal for Valentine’s Day.
  2. Nest Reed Diffusers can mask the smell of diapers—try Wasabi Pear fragrance. These reed diffusers are safer than candles and designed to continuously fill your home with a lush scent—now that’s sexy. The alcohol-free formula releases fragrance slowly into the air for about three months.
  3. Mood music is important. We love the mixes from a chic hotel in Brazil called DPNY. The lounge CD ($85—what can we say it’s imported from Brazil) is sexy and smooth—ahh a great break from the Wiggles or Music Together CDs. Or better yet, mix your own lounge playlist from itunes and save a bundle.
  4. Black Box Wines are perfect for parents. We rarely have time to linger over a bottle of wine. This premium boxed wine stays fresh for weeks so you can savor a single glass without waste. A perfect splash of luxury during your Valentine’s Day dinner. Our favorite is the Reserve Merlot $24.99 (equivalent of $6.25 per 750ml bottle)
  5. Boxed chocolate can be so cliché. We prefer slipping a few Pure Dark blueberries into our lover’s mouth. The blueberries are infused with their own natural juices and wrapped in sublime dark chocolate. A divine way to end a meal or begin a night.
  6. A token of your affection– The Love Tax set ($16) –might be all it takes to get you or your partner in the mood. Try tucking one or two of these pewter vouchers into your love’s pockets to start the day and then follow through.  Examples include: "good for one hug," "good for one kiss," "good for one roll in the hay," "good for one massage.”