Preppy Perfect with a Bieber Twist-Steal Justin Biebers Style

The kid got it all! Awesome pipes, incredible talent, impeccable work ethic and a killer style! We will provide you with the basic ingredients you need to recreate Biebertastic outfits he flaunted in the recent Vanity Fair Spread. Hair not included.

Ralph Lauren Kids Pants, Boys Suffield Flat Front $39.50

These classy, sharp pants are universally versatile: preppy but not stuffy. Roll them up for more casual look.

Keds Champion Seasonal Canvas $25

Rock this American classic, navy Keds just like Mr. Bieber!

Crazy 8 White Polo Shirt with Skull & Crossbones Embroidery $12.95

Teen singing sensation looks positively dreamy in a crisp white polo shirt. Though not Gucci, this polo shirt does the trick. Just add some bubbles for the extra dreaminess.

Company 81 Boys Slub Fashion Polo $8.60 – $9.56

Tomato red polo shirt paired with off-white pants and accessorized with navy Keds. Classic Americana with a Bieber twist!

Rocawear Kids Shirt, Turbo Engine Plaid $28.50

Singer looked sensational in similar classic plaid button-down.

Knuckleheads Malcolm Cardigan Sweater $28.50

This shawl-collared grey cardigan sweater echoes sophisticated grey turtleneck Mr. Bieber wore on the Vanity Fair photo shoot, besides being perfect addition to any little man's closet. Do we really need to point out how effortlessly this cardigan blends with the rest of the featured items?