David Beckham Visits Children’s Hospital; Talks Baby

David Beckham, jeans, button down shirt

David Beckham, his sons, and his L.A. Galaxy teammates made a visit to L.A.'s Children's Hospital.

While attending a special "Countdown to Kick-off" event, David shared that his sons, Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz, love to volunteer at hospitals with him.   "It's difficult at times, especially for the parents of children that are ill and don't have long to live. I think it's important that my children see that and they do. They're very respectful, and they love visiting hospitals. They always pick toys out that are even their favorites that they take down to different kids in different hospitals. The boys love doing that."

Victoria is over in London working, but David gushed about his pregnant wife and their baby-to-be: She's great, she's very healthy. She's feeling good. We're very excited. It's an exciting time for the family."

I have to say that David's hair being styled this way is reminding me of Bob Harper on the current season of "The Biggest Loser". 


David Beckham, oxford, jeans, brown shoes

Photo credit: Splash