The FedEx Man will never know how much I was looking forward to his visit this week.  And before my husband reads that line and gets suspicious, I’ll explain:  the FedEx man delivered my iPad2 earlier this week. 

I’ve been coveting the iPad since it came out.  And now that I have one, I know what I was missing!  But this isn’t an iPad review – this is about some of the fantastic apps I’ve been using with my kids this week. 

Now I truly had no idea how many wonderful iPad apps there were for kids.  Here are a few we’ve been using this week:

1. Think Fun’s Rush Hour.  Free for the Lite Version, $2.99 for the Full Version.  We have several Think Fun games in real life.  Think Fun makes some great games for children like Zingo and Rush Hour.  My son loves Rush hour in real life so I decided to check out the app after the Think Fun folks reached out to me on Twitter.  He’s loving it – it’s basically the game in real life.  There are challenges and you have to try and get your car around the “rush hour” traffic.  It’s a puzzle and it’s fun for kids and adults.

2. Cut the Rope.  Free for the Lite Version, $1.99 for the Full Version.  I’m telling people that this game is as addicting as Angry Birds.  Fun for the entire family – you have to feed your little monster with a piece of candy that dangles down from ropes.  There are all sorts of hazards along the way.


3. Draw.  FreeMy kids love to sketch and draw and this free app called Draw has everything they could want – a blank slate and colored pencils to create whatever they’d like to create.


4. Google Earth.  Free.  Gosh do I love this app.  As do my kids.  You probably know what Google Earth is but the power of seeing your house or checking out some place you vacationed via the iPad and the Google Earth app is just amazing.  This is a must have on anyone’s iPad.  My kids love it – we’ve looked at both grandparents houses, various countries around the world and more with Google Earth.