Decorating a Boys Room on a Budget

Decorate a Boys room

The God is in details. When you don’t have a fortune to spend on renovating your kid’s bedroom or a bathroom, little accents can make a huge difference.

Labyrinth Light Brown Rug – 2’8 x 4’9 $108.80

Use a tip of the renowned interior designer and always start with a rag to build a room décor around it. The spunky geometric pattern of this rug is balanced out by its calming neutral palette. Perfect canvas for your decorating genius!

Cardboard Animal Heads $28.00 – $58.00

These unique cardboard animal heads are perfect, cruelty free way to add animal appeal to any space. Could be also used as a fun decorating project. I would certainly let my budding Picasso to hone his famous color blocking technique on the elephant or leave it untouched in its rustic cardboard glory.

Carrie Masters Lamp $70.00

Brighten neutral color palette and bring bold color accents with these bright and humorous lampshades, showcasing carefree robots out for a day of skydiving or on a camping adventure. Sold separately.

Furry Pod – Black and Green $55.66

This coolest funky pod chair available in fun neon green and black will be the huge hit with your kids and their friends. Now you need a plan how to get them stop fighting over this chair. Buy two!

Time Out Timer – Robot $18

Timing you kid’s activities as well as punishments (well, that the life) had never been cuter! This adorable robot will work double shifts at your kitchen too! Just don’t get in trouble with the Robot Labor Union.

Vita Futura Elephants PEVA Shower Curtain $29.99

Replace harmful PVC shower curtain with this elephants’ heaven, made of the environmentally friendly, PEVA, which is a non-vinyl, non-chlorine-based product. It is as easy to clean as traditional vinyl, and the happy elephants will add colorful touch to your kids’ bathroom without making them sick.