Christy Turlington Burns Chats About Sibling Rivalry And Loving Her Work

Christy Turlington burns, blue dress

Model Christy Turlington Burns admits she was mistaken when she thought that having a boy and a girl would curb sibling rivalry.

Christy shares two children with actor Ed Burns, Grace, 7, and Finn, 5.  The hands-on mom says that they are at that age where sibling spats are a constant occurrence. “It’s constant. Just walking by him — she just can’t help it and he adores her.  He thinks that she is everything so it’s a little frustrating, but I also know that it’s part of being a kid and everyone goes through that. ”

Although the fighting and crying is hard, she says she recharges her batteries with the work she does at the “Every Mother Counts” organization, an advocacy and mobilization campaign that strives to increase education and support for maternal and child health.  Helping such a worthy cause has a positive affect on Christy’s family life: “I think it trickles down to all the other aspects of my life.  When you feel like you have conviction and you’re doing something that matters and you’re making a contribution, my kids feel the benefits of my satisfaction in that work and so my family is in good shape and then I feel like from there, yourself, your family and then on. ”



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