Amy Poehler Is No Longer A Vampire

Celebrity mom Amy Poehler shares how life is different for her and husband Will Arnett since becoming parents.

Amy explains how their sleep schedules have shifted since welcoming sons Archie, 2, and Abel, 9 months:  “I stopped being a vampire. Before kids, there wasn’t a night for 10 years that Will and I went to sleep before 2 a.m.  I’d sleep until noon or one and I thought 10:30 a.m. was early. Now I’m sound asleep by 11:30 every night and the kids wake us up around seven — on a good day. ”

On being the mom of two boys, she jokes: “I’m just another supermom!”  “Who am I kidding? I’m lucky to get everybody out the door without Cheerios stuck to their pajamas.”


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