Ink & Wit Stamps Are Just Right

Tara Hogan designer and founder of Ink+ Wit  has done it again with magical stamps that take you to far away places. Check out her latest!

I have been a fan of Tara Hogan's work for quite some time. She seems to nail it right on every time she

releases new projects and art work. Tara has traveled the world extensively and her body of work captures 

that adventurous spirit. You can see the influence of her latest trip to India. Ink+Wit is sold in select stores throughout the world. 


Zebra's, whales, and beautiful bunting will turn ordinary paper into works of art. You can create your own stationary with her natural stamps that are made from maple.


All of her  stamps are made in the U.S.A. and use the highest quality materials. Every detail is covered. You can visit Tara and buy her awesome stamps in her Etsy Shop


You can also see Tara's latest work and read more about her on her website. You  need to check out the 

Ink+Wit blog for daily inspiration.