Never Pay Full Retail Price for a Magazine Subscription Again!

I have a weakness for magazines. Oh sure I try to tell myself that they are mainly ads. Or that they are a waste of money. The truth is, paying full retail price for a magazine subscription IS a waste of money.

Recently though, I’ve realized that there is no reason to pay full retail price for magazine subscriptions. Not when you can get so many of them for free or for a deep deep discount just by stalking the right websites!

Discount Mags– be sure to sign up for their newsletter (you can find the form to sign up on their home page) and you’ll receive a newsletter with the best magazine subscriptions on a regular basis! They also usually have their current coupon code right on the home page for you to utilize!

Tanga– Tanga’s deals usually last about 24 hours and they go fast! Often times you can also check blogs and websites for awesome coupon codes to make the discount even sweeter. A quick google of Tanga Coupon Codes will usually turn up something!

Best Deal Magazines– This is one of my favorite sites to score super cheap magazine subscriptions! Their deals of the day are always listed big and bright on their home page. You can also sign up for their newsletter on their home page. Signing up for their newsletter sometimes even gives you access to codes that aren’t released to the general public!

Daily Deal Sites– Many daily deal sites will have magazine deals on a regular basis. Living Social, Eversave, Plum District, Groupon, etc. Sign up for their emails and you’ll be notified daily of their new deals. Keep your eyes peeled for a great magazine deal and google for discount codes!

Amazon– Amazon is a great resource for magazine subscriptions. They might not have the rock bottom  prices these other sites do, but you can really rely on them having a fair price.

The full retail price for a magazine (subscription or newstand price) is definitely a budget breaker. Forget about purchasing each issue individually in stores each month.  In many cases, you spend 25% of what a full years subscription would be when you purchase just one month in stores!

Be careful to pay attention to start and end dates and remember if you sign up for Auto Renewal on any of these sites. You will likely be billed FULL price for the next year’s subscription, which can be quite steep.

There, now you can enjoy your magazines without guilt!