Top 6 Safety Apps

When my eldest daughter was born almost twelve years ago our pediatrician gave out medical reference books.

We had one for general child development and one for safety and emergency situations. Helpful information but I can’t imagine having to frantically look through it all in an actual emergency. I would be a total mess thumbing through those pages in a hurry. Fast forward to the birth of my last child two years ago, we’re well into the smart phone era and times have certainly changed. I now have access to safety information in the palm of my hands whether at home or on the go. Working on my website I’ve seen everything from First Aid guides to “safety whistles” to personal emergency contact information. If it concerns safety there’s a good chance a developer and/or parent have thought of an app for that!

1. ICE4family

2. Code Mobile

3. Pocket First Aid & CPR from the American Heart Association

4. Silent Bodyguard – Your Personal Panic Button

5. Life360 Family Tracker

6. Easy 911