Get Your Kids Swimming With The Puddle Jumper

Learning to swim wasn’t an issue for my first son.  Well, not much of one anyway. 

After a couple weeks of battling it out in swim lessons at about three years old, he lost his fear and slowly began to learn how to swim.  I diligently kept him in lessons for several years while he developed strong swimming skills.

It has not been so easy with my second. Several traumatizing events at swim lessons had scarred him forever from learning how to swim.  Or so I thought.  Then enter the Puddle Jumper.  I had seen kids use this product before.  It looks like a souped up version of the old school arm bands, only there’s an additional floatation piece that goes around the front of the child’s chest.

Truly, my youngest son was petrified to swim.  He would grip me with balled up fists when we went in the water.  Since having discovered the Puddle Jumper, he swims around happily and has gained the confidence that I hope will finally encourage him to get him swimming on his own.  But in the meantime, he’s safe and happy in the pool with this product. 

You can get it on Amazon for $14.39+ depending on the color you choose.