Elizabeth Banks Finds Motherhood And Work Difficult To Balance

Elizabeth Banks says it has been hard to balance work and a new baby, but she won’t be leaving her job anytime soon.

While promoting her new flick “Our Idiot Brother”, she shared that finding a balance between work and her five-month-old son Felix hasn’t been easy:  “The thing about motherhood is it’s a full-time job and everything else gets piled onto it.  I don’t think I ever really understood that until it came into my life. You put so much of your brain energy, and your emotional and psychological energy into, ‘Where is he? What is he doing?’ that it’s almost hard to concentrate on anything else.”

Elizabeth has learned to just take it as it comes:  “I don’t want to say I take it day by day, but I pretty much take it month by month. My life is now in monthly increments.”

And she certainly isn’t planning to slow down with work:   “I’m not really a break-taker. I’ll just keep on going, and then we’ll see. You do it. You push through just like any other working mom.”

Did you cut back your work load when you started having kids? 


Photos by Wenn.com