The Wit and Wisdom of Small Boys


As much as there are times when I question the sanity of my little boys, and wonder whether boys actually ever do mature, there are moments when they blindside me with their absolute wit and logic.

 While these might not be those times, here’s what’s making me smile this week.

On Rules:

– Stop it, Alex! There’s no cuddling in this game.

On Manners:

– I don’t have to say “excuse me.” That wasn’t me, it was my butt.

On Individuality:

– If I saw everyone in the park doing the potty dance, I would NOT do it with them.

– Lots of boys don’t like purple, because girls like it. But I do. It’s okay not to like what other boys like.

– A boy in my class has two peanuts. He told me. It’s no big deal.

On Sharing:

– If it was my goo, you’d want to touch it and I’d let you.

On Sympathy:

– I found a hair. I hope it’s not daddy’s, because then he’d be a tiny bit more balder.

On Fear:

– If I was Alex, which I am, and I saw a monster, I’d just get back into your tummy. It’s safe because it’s big.

What wit and wisdom is being shared in your house today?