It happens to me more often then not, I’ve made a delicious dinner, we have left overs and I can’t find the corresponding top to my Tupperware bottom. Does this ever happen to you?

It is maddening especially around the Holidays when there is so much good food and that food makes even better leftovers But never fear because I have stumbled upon the perfect solution to this food saving dilemma-it is called PlateTopper. This ingenious invention is the brain child of Michael Tseng and it’s he came up with this idea, he is based in San Francisco; you know the city Anthony Bourdain has declared  his favorite city in the United States for eating. With all the amazing restaurants and produce in San Francisco it likely means lots of tasty leftovers to keep fresh. PlateTopper is a green alternative to food storage and kicks the missing top or bottom dilemma to the curb because it fits over almost any plate. Just place it over the food and push down on the silicone ring to seal in freshness, it’s that easy. The company has recently reached their goal on and are now set to head into production. Jump over to PlateTopper for pricing and a stockist list and let the food storage revolution begin.