Kristin Davis Says Being A Working Mom Is Stressful

New mom Kristin Davis opens up about being a working mom, the adoption process, and her new movie.

Access Hollywood visited Kristin on the set of her new Lifetime movie ‘Of Two Minds’, where she plays the sister of a schizophrenic who takes on the task of caring for her sibling. Kristin shared: “If someone has heart disease or cancer, you kind of know what to do, and if someone is mentally ill, it’s a lot more unclear. My character is the caretaker, she doesn’t want to be the caretaker, but she’s cast into that role.”

The former ‘Sex and the City’ star also shared that being back to work since the adoption of her daughter Gemma, 4 months, has been difficult: “I have to say, it’s still really stressful. I have amazing help or I would never get through it. But last week we had a day where I didn’t see her awake. I left in the dark I got home in the dark.”

The new mom also talked about the adoption process. She shared that it wasn’t a very long process, but she wasn’t given any special ‘treatment’ because of her celebrity status: “For me, it wasn’t that long of a process and I hesitate to say that because I feel like people don’t really understand adoption, and there are a lot of misconceptions, and I know there’s kind of a cynical view that famous people somehow buy their babies which is, you know, very, very far from the truth. There are a lot of laws involved in adoption and everybody has to go through the same process.”

Kristin’s new movie will premiere on Lifetime next year.


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