Tis Better To Give Than Recieve

The old axiom that it’s better to give than receive really is true.

During the Christmas holidays we tend to reflect more on the blessings in our lives, and should also take a few moments to recognize that this is an especially difficult time for many individuals in need. In every community there are people suffering from the strain of a struggling economy, those who are alone and lonely, or perhaps there is someone going through a crisis of an ill family member. In the spirit of the season, we can each make an impact on these lives by offering up our time, resources and talents in recognition and thankfulness for the bounty in our own lives.

A corporation that cares? Yes! Glad is a partner with Cookies for Kids Cancer – a nonprofit with the goal of raising funds to support pediatric cancer research through bake sales. Through December you can host a cookie exchange or bake sale to benefit Cookies for Kids Cancer and get a donation from Glad for every cookie! Your holiday baking will help spread cheer with the added bonus of being the currency that supports important research. There’s even an option for those with no time to bake: virtual cookies sent to your friends via Facebook that can qualify for the program and earn the Glad donation. Details on the program and how to qualify your efforts are available on the website. Join Glad to Give on Facebook

What could be more delicious than selling and exchanging Christmas cookies that are a treat to the tummy and a tasty fundraiser for an important cause? Bake up a batch of hope for the smallest victims of a terrible disease, and you’ll be giving these children a very special Christmas gift.

Glad also helps communities get into the spirit with The One Warm Coat campaign. Communities can host a coat drive with support and organizational tips all available on Glad’s website. As a volunteer, you can encourage people in your area to get involved. Why not approach a local business, a hospital or hotel, or your child’s school with the opportunity to host a local coat drive? Everyone deserves a warm coat this winter, and bringing the One Warm Coat campaign to your community allows you to share the warmth of the season in a tangible and rewarding way.

This year let’s celebrate what the Holidays are truly about and help make a difference in the lives of others.