‘Parenthood’ Star Monica Potter Isn’t A Controlling Mom Like Her Character

‘Parenthood’ actress Monica Potter talks about allowing her kids to make mistakes.

The mom of three (Danny, 21, Liam, 17, and Molly, 6) says that she hopes that she’s raising her kids with the tools necessary to be good people. Monica shares that she wants to give them room to make mistakes and isn’t controlling (like her character Kristina Braverman – who means well, but just goes about parenting a little differently). “I trust my kids’ judgments. Hopefully if I’ve done my job the right way, then they’re hanging out with good people and making the right choices. I just feel like if you try to raise your kids the right way — give them room to make mistakes, but also guide them in a direction that you hope to see them go — that’s all you can ask for. You can’t control them your whole life.”

There is a fifteen year age difference between Monica’s oldest and youngest. She says that it makes finding a family movie to watch a bit of a challenge: “What makes me sad is that I can’t get them all to see the same movie unless it’s something we can all relate to. I’ll take Molly to see a movie that the boys are just not into at all. And she can’t watch certain things that they watch.”

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*Note: that’s not one of Monica’s sons pictured with her, but her on-screen son/co-star Max Burkholder.


Photos by Wenn.com