Nothing is more fun than family movie night, and with the new classics now available on Blu-Ray, you can make it a regular entertainment to enjoy with your kids!

Settle in with a big bowl of popcorn to share and get the giggles together: these releases are destined to be classics the kids will enjoy watching again and again!


“That’ll do pig.” Babe, the Australian-American film originally released in 1995 tells the story of a little pig who wants to be a sheepdog. This critically acclaimed film was a huge box-office success and was nominated for seven Academy Awards, including Best Picture. Children love the animal interaction and will cheer for Babe as he navigates relationships with the other farm animals to eventually win their respect and admiration as he triumphs at the sheep herding trials…with a lot of help from the sheep and his surrogate mother, the sheep dog Fly.


Teenage bunny E.B., voiced by Russell Brand, was destined to be the Easter Bunny – but what E.B. really wants to do is rock! To follow his dream, E.B. runs away to Hollywood hoping to become a rock-star drummer and meets up with some other quirky characters trying to make their own dreams come true. After many mishaps and misadventures these new friends help each other remember the importance of family.

Curious George

Based on the beloved children’s books, Curious George follows the adventures of the inquisitive and enthusiastic little monkey and the Man in the Yellow Hat (Will Ferrell) who looks after his naughty pet. Curious George’s questioning nature leads him to wander off to explore and get into mischief, to make new friends and to have unforgettable monkey fun everywhere he goes!

Despicable Me

An all-star cast voices the characters in Despicable Me, with an inept villain kids can almost root for: Gru (Steve Carrell), the world’s former #1 super-villain, who operates out of his suburban home and plots to steal and shrink the moon to gain status and impress his mother. He has a sidekick to help him, the hearing-impaired gadget man Dr. Nefario, and an arch-enemy, the new #1 super-villain of the world Vector Perkins, who creates weapons out of sea creatures.


Based on the 2002 novel by Neil Gaiman, Coraline is a fantasy/horror animated story just scary enough for kids to enjoy, and a critically acclaimed movie that received Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations as Best Animated Feature. Coraline is a young girl who feels neglected by her busy parents and decides to explore her new home. One night she discovers that a brick wall has been replaced by a long, dark corridor. She goes through it and discovers herself in the Other World, a parallel version of her home inhabited by warm and attentive people who look just like her parents! When these look-alikes kidnap her real parents and imprison them in a snow globe, the tug-of-war over which world Coraline will live in begins.

There’s a whole new generation of Family Classic Movies to share with your kids. These films amuse and educate, while reminding us within their stories about the important things in life: family, love and loyalty. Your kids won’t miss the lessons, but will ask to watch these new classics repeatedly – just for the great fun!