Jennie Garth opens up about the terrible timing of her divorce from Peter Facinelli.

Jennie and Peter announced their split just a few weeks ago, but they’ve been living separately for some time now. Jennie was in the middle of shooting her new reality show/docu-series “Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country” when things fell apart.

The celebrity mom is out promoting her new show and shared:

“That is probably the hardest part about [the split], actually, the timing of everything. When I started to take this show on, I wasn’t headed down this road. It happened in the middle of filming the show, and now part of doing any kind of job as an actress is following through and doing the press circuit for the show, doing interviews, and people want to talk about it. And, I am okay talking about it, but it’s certainly not … something you want to talk about.”

The former ‘90210’ actress wants to clear up the false stories out there that claim she was jealous of Peter’s ‘Twilight’ success.

“There was nothing like that going on. I was very happy for him and so happy to be at home with the kids and enjoying my ‘early retirement.’ I didn’t want to work at that time. I just wanted to be at home on the farm.”

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