Christine Taylor And Ben Stiller Try To Change Their Kids’ Eating Habits


Celebrity mom Christine Taylor is trying to encourage a healthier lifestyle for her family.

Christine and her husband, actor Ben Stiller, are just like the rest of us when it comes to the health of our children. Christine shared that she and Ben are trying to change up their diet, but their kids, Ella, 10, and Quinlin, 6, aren’t making the switch too easy. “Ben and I make these green drinks in the morning and they look at us like it’s from another planet. I joke, ‘Just join the party! Don’t complain so much, just join us.’”

Christine and Ben’s kids are total opposites in their tastes. “My daughter loves veggies but doesn’t love fruit. My son loves fruit and doesn’t love veggies.”

The celebrity mom says she wished she had started their plant-based diet long ago. “We have friends that are vegan and their kids came out vegan. I’m so jealous that they had the information and they started the kids early because now to go back, it’s a little harder.”

Have you changed up your family’s diet? Was it a difficult process?


Photos by WENN