First Lady Michelle Obama Talks Grilling, Gardens, And Motherhood With Rachael Ray


First Lady Michelle Obama dishes with Rachael Ray on cooking, gardening, and her new book!

In an episode that airs tomorrow, May 31st, First Lady Michelle Obama talks about making memories with her girls at The White House, as well as her new book and who does the grilling at their house. Here’s a peek at the interview.

The First Lady says she’s griller in the household:

“You know, he [President Obama] doesn’t mind grilling but I was the griller in our household. I was the griller, I love to grill anything.”

The last song she had on her iPod:

“Beyonce’s my girl. Love her to death, and I just put “I Was Here,” which is sort of like my pump-up anthem. It’s all about, you know, what kind of legacy she wants to leave.”

The First Lady reveals her hidden talent:

“I don’t think much, anything, in my life is hidden anymore. I think pretty much everybody knows everything, but if I do have a talent, it is hula-hooping. I can hula-hoop forever. And I’ve been a hula-hooper since I was little. That and double-dutch.”

The First Lady on the memories her daughters have built at the White House:

“It’s the little memories; there are certain relationships that the girls have with trees in certain seasons. There’s a tree over there, an Asian tree where the girls like to climb up and read. So each season they have different memories. The first winter here, we got a pretty big snow, and they were able to take lunch room trays and sled down what is a little bit of a hill.”

The First Lady says they keep the White House garden “fairly simple:”

“We keep things fairly simple. We’re growing a lot of, a ton of greens, lots of herbs, snap peas, string beans, things that are pretty hearty. Broccoli, the broccoli is good, we ate some broccoli last night. I had a wonderful snap pea salad with broccoli and little garlic buds on it, delicious.”

The First Lady’s vision for her book ‘American Grown:’

“The vision for the book was that I thought about my girls. It was important to tell the story not just of this garden, but of all these gardens and the way that they’re building community, the way they’re encouraging education and conversations about nutrition. It’s happening regardless of the area.”


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