Fun Family Staycation ActivitiesI don't know about you but this summer my family is on a budget.

Case in point, normally we plan a get away for Labor Day but this year we are staying home. If you are like us, or if you just don't want to travel over a holiday weekend (which I completely understand) then read on for some awesome Staycation activities that will make sure your family never misses the travel.

1. Backyard Camping

Instead of driving to a crowded campground why not create your own camping experience in your own backyard. Pack up the camping supplies, food and all, lock the front door and head to the yard. Pitch a tent and tell ghost stories all night long under the stars. 

2. Bike Ride Tour of Parks

Plan out an epic day of park hopping on your bikes. Map your route to include as many parks in your town as you can, get an early start, pack a lunch and snacks then hit the bike path. Don't forget to bring a camera along to snap pics of the whole family at each park so you can make a park book detailing your bike odyssey day. That night at dinner vote on which park was the most fun, which had the best swings or slide, and which park over all you liked the most. 

3. Walking Tour of Your Town

Research the history of your town, even if it's just how long the hardware store has been in business. Make a walking map and set out with the family to take a walk through the history of your home town.

4. Go Fly A Kite Picnic

Pack a picnic lunch and a kite or two and head to the park for an afternoon. There is something magical about watching a kite float through the sky and the kids will love to chase it as it swoops up and down. 

5. Plan a Field Day

Invite friends over, or meet in the park for an old fashioned field day. Plan activities like three-legged races, potato sack races, bubble blowing contests, freeze tag and red rover. Not only will the kids, and adults enjoy these old school games, everyone will sleep soundly that night. 

6. Tropical Luau

Dreaming of that tropical get away? Bring the tropics to your own back yard. Invite friends and family to dress up in their favorite island getaway attire, Hawaiian shirts will abound. Decorate with tiki torches and coconuts, play Hawaiian music, even download a video to learn the hula. 

What are your best staycation activities?