Hoodebaby: Practical Warmth And Coverage All Year Long

HoodebabyWhen I came across Hoodebaby, I was thrilled!

While they market their products as “rainwear” and “warmwear”, I immediately thought of all the practical and functional uses for these stylish cover-up blankets.


  • Hoodebaby rainwear is one size fits all for babies, toddlers and kids. Crafted from BPA and lead-free laminated cotton and soft double combed cotton flannel.

With fashions like Green Peacock and Gypsy, even the boys can enjoy these simple and fun coverage solutions.

Summer travel and late nights outside: If you’re heading out on vacation this summer, you might need some rain protection depending on where you go. Might as well bring along a stylish alternative to bulky and boring rain jackets because these hooded cover-ups can double as a lap or stroller blanket, too! I like to keep water-proof clothing and accessories around all year because even in the summer months we get some drizzle after the sun goes down or early in the morning — especially while camping.

Amusement parks: Pack this water-proof cover to keep your clothes dry at amusement parks this summer.


  • Hoodebaby warmwear is one-size fits all for babies, toddlers and kids. Crafted from micro-fleece and cozy baby bunting.

Let’s face it, summer nights can get a little chilly – especially if you’re camping, traveling or staying in a hotel with an overactive air conditioner. Little ones get colder faster than us adults do, so keep a fun, stylish and multi-purpose blanket with you at all times. You kids will love wearing the Hoodebaby as a cape, bundled up in the stroller or in mommy and daddy’s arms.

For my boys? I’m loving the Green Medallion, Blue Circles and Blue Owl prints.

Which one is your favorite?