Unleash Your Hidden Van Gogh onto your Walls


altThere’s something about drawing on the walls that seems deliciously forbidden and maybe that’s part of what makes this product so magically appealing to me.

Have you ever had a day when you wanted to impulsively unfurl a burst of creative inspiration onto a wall in your home, but you also wanted the option to easily change it up later if your mood dictates a change? And what kid hasn’t been busted, at least once or twice in their life, with a waxy crayon held tightly in their pudgy little hand and a guilty look on their face when caught in the act of embellishing a pristinely painted wall with their own artistic flair?

It’s the versatility of these Whitey Board products that make them great for both kids and adults alike, so check out a few of these examples to see how you might use these products in your own home.



If you are lucky enough to already have your own home office, or if you are working on creating one for yourself, this Large Whiteyboard might just be the perfect item to start with.



And this Clear Dry Erase Paint can be used almost anywhere and especially in spaces where you want to change up the environment daily or just add your own creative ambience to a room.



And don’t limit yourself to thinking of erasable walls in terms of being either black or white formats. With this Transparent Dry Erase Paint, you can take any colored wall and make it a background for whatever the equation of the day happens to be. Or you can use it in your own family activity room, to brainstorm together on that  business plan you’ve been dreaming of.

Images from WhiteyBoard