Mum Squad Review: SRC Pregnancy and Recovery Shorts

This month the Momtastic Mum Squad is reviewing the SRC Pregnancy and Recovery Shorts.

These original and unique SRC Shorts were created for women by women to help reduce pain and assist your vital pelvic muscle groups during and after pregnancy. They help you to speed up recovery and regain your pre-baby body faster. Check out the Squad’s review below!

Pregnancy Shorts

Taylor N.

“Coming into my first pregnancy I knew I would have to deal with more back pain because I have three slipped vertebrae in my lower back. I tried taking baths every day and tried using a maternity pillow but the pain was still excruciating. Night time was particularly bad to where I would get very little sleep and would wake up in tears from pain. After I got the SRC Pregnancy Shorts in the mail at 27 weeks I immediately put them on. That night was the best night sleep I had this whole pregnancy. They offer so much support in my back and hips. Also, being a full time student they help me manage with having to sit for a period of time through my class work without having to adjust in my seat every few minutes.

I was also surprised at how comfortable and breathable these shorts are. The summers in Alaska can get pretty hot and not once did I feel too hot while wearing these shorts under my jeans. I have to say that these shorts are definitely a must have for any pregnant woman dealing with pain. These shorts are the answer to beating back and hip pain in pregnancy!”

Jessica S.

“My back pain began in the second trimester and even though I didn’t have a noticeable bump I was feeling severe pain in my back which shot down my leg. When I received my SRC pregnancy shorts the relief was instant! It felt like I had hands holding and supporting my back throughout the day. They are very comfortable and you forget you have them on. I definitely have been recommending it to every pregnant person I see because they gave me my life back and if it worked for me then I am positive it can work for anyone else out there!”

Kate R.

“At 17 weeks pregnant I was already suffering from discomfort due to varicose veins in my leg and pelvic areas. I spoke with my midwife and did some internet research to try to find a product that might help with compression and support.  I was very excited to find the SRC products, as they seemed to be designed exactly for my needs. My SRC leggings were very comfortable as soon as I put them on, and only became more so with time. After 1-2 days they truly did feel like a second skin. I have 3 other children already that I must stay very active with, and so a garment that allowed me to continue to move and remain on my feet was a must.  I had tried another item designed for my symptoms, but it was so uncomfortable that I could not sit in it, and could not wear it for long periods of time.

Although it was not my main symptom, the lower back and hip support was also very helpful. I hadn’t even realized they had been aching until I put the SRC leggings on and began to feel relief from them! I wash them at night and hang them to dry so they are ready to go the next morning. Another plus was that besides alleviating my discomfort, they also had a slimming effect, in my opinion, on the way that my legs looked which is always nice during pregnancy. They are flexible and comfortable underneath my other clothes, or I liked just wearing them on their own around the house with a comfortable shirt. The expandable waist band is very helpful and easy to use.

Thank you again for this opportunity!”

Amanda N

“I received my leggings in only two days and I immediately put them on. I noticed relief within the hour and when I took them off I noticed a big difference. I keep them on except to shower and to wash them because I am virtually pain free with them and I don’t get swelling in my feet and legs when I have them on. The fabric is a lot cooler than I thought it would be and it almost gives a cooling sensation with every movement I make. When I originally checked these leggings out I was a little skeptical but now that I have them I want to stay pregnant just so I can keep wearing them :)”


Recovery Shorts


Elisa V.

“I tried the shorts for a month and really liked the way they “held me in” and supported the parts of my body that were feeling especially loose.  They looked great under clothes!  The one drawback was how tight the top band was, which sat right under my chest. After a while though, I was able to get used to how tight they were, and was even able to take naps in them!”  

Erin W.

“I am a big fan of the pregnancy recovery shorts! I didn’t have them after my first pregnancy so now after my second baby I feel I have a good basis for comparison. My second baby was also over 9lbs so naturally I had a long way to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy shape. I began wearing the shorts the day I returned home from the hospital. At first they were quite snug and took some getting used to; however, that immediately added support to my core made me feel more stable. I was able to maneuver about the house, carry around the new baby and play with my toddler with great ease. As the days progressed I saw dramatic results with regard to my figure. While I regained my shape fairly quickly after my first baby this was significantly faster. Furthermore, wearing them under my clothes gave the illusion of even more success which boosted my self confidence…something that has been lacking for many months. Now if only they could eliminate stretch marks too…they’d be the perfect post-pregnancy product!”

Jessica P

“About half way through my pregnancy one of my best friends got engaged and asked me to a bridesmaid in her wedding.  I couldn’t wait to celebrate with her until I realized that she was getting married 6 weeks after my due date of my first child.  I remember shopping for bridesmaid dresses and thinking I should order about 5 sizes above my normal size…convinced I was going to be pretty big for her big day, after all you can’t even start to work out until 6 weeks after you give birth.  Then I came across the SRC shorts – not only did the shorts help me with my overall soreness, but they got me fitting back into my clothes, not my cute tight white jeans, but most everything else within a month of having my son.  Although I can’t compare post-pregnancy body without the shorts and I am amazed how easily my body bounced back and I love hearing the compliments of wow you just had a baby – you look great, especially after not feeling that I had that pregnancy beauty glow that you hear so much about!  I would recommend these to any woman who is looking to get their pre-mom body back.”