Sleeping CatIf you’re a cat owner, you’ll probably agree that cats find ways to sleep in all sorts of pretty unlikely places. 

I don’t know many cat owners whose cats do all (or in some cases, any) of their sleeping on a cat bed.  If you love cats, read on to see photos and hear about some of the weird and wonderful places cats choose to sleep and hide in!

Among my friends, the most surprising place for a cat to sleep in on the oven hobs, and the cat in question has actually turned the gas on while doing this before!  There are plenty of other, less dangerous, places our cats like to sleep so here’s a quick rundown of some of them, modelled by my own and my friend's cats (thank you for sharing the photos, Vicky!):

The newspaper:

Many cat owners will, I’m sure, relate to this one.  Open up a newspaper or a book and your cat will lie down on top of it.  Perhaps they like the feel of the paper or just want to ensure they are the centre of your attention (or a bit of both), or maybe they really are reading it!

The fruit bowl:

A little bit more unusual but if you have a cat-sized bowl like this one, expect it to be slept in by your feline friend!

Places Cats Sleep


Cats LOVE boxes and my cat, in particular, loves boxes that are just a little bit too small for his chubby tummy.  He actually was asleep in this box but I woke him up turning the camera on.  I’m surprised he was comfortable because he really didn’t fit well!

Places Cats Sleep


Cats sleeping on our sofas isn’t as funny as the WAY they do it.  Here’s a demonstration of how to take up as much space as possible so the humans can’t sit down.

Places Cats Sleep

And here’s a demonstration that if you’re a bit on the larger side and decide to perch on the top of the sofa, you will slip down the back of the cushions.

Places Cats Sleep

Under the duvet:

Albert belongs to the family of one of my friends and is a gorgeous but scaredy cat!  I’m told his safe place is under the duvet and that he’ll happily hide and sleep there.  You might think it sounds uncomfortable, but as you can see, he is perfectly happy!

Places Cats Sleep

The laundry basket:

Laundry baskets are just the right place for a sit or to curl up and go to sleep inside.  I actually don’t mind this one, it’s a good excuse to put off doing the laundry!

Places Cats Sleep

Bedside table:

This sleeping spot is CLOSE to a bed, although not a cat bed.  But who wants a cat bed when napping in the bedside table is like being on a little pedestal!

Places Cats Sleep

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight into cats’ lives!  Please feel free to share your own cat stories in the comments box below, I’d love to hear about them.  I’ll leave the last word to my cat Mickey, who would like to point out that – occasionally – cats do sleep on their beds as well!


Places Cats Sleep