Ride Along Kid’s Suitcases

These adorable wheeled kid’s suitcases are cleverly designed so kids can ride on them or use them as a place to sit when they get tired while traveling.

I just returned from a trip overseas and as I was passing through International Airports, I noticed many savvy parents using these adorable Trunki suitcases for their kids. One thing I observed about the families using these, is their kids not only seemed content and entertained, but having their own personalized suitcase seemed to also give them just enough responsibility and independence to make them feel a little bit grown up too!


altPlus, they come in a wide variety of bright colors, so your kids can each choose their own favorite color. Each suitcase will hold up to 75 pounds and they also include a tow strap, so they can be pulled along behind or you can help give a “tow” to any little ones whose legs are tired of walking and are looking for a “ride”. And don’t think of these just for travel, they also be used as seats for your kids while attending sporting events or at home as a special place to store their favorite toys.


altAnd if your kids want to add their own personalization, you can buy them these cute stickers as a fun activity for them to apply in their own creative patterns.


altAnd here are two more fun designs that have a fun animal essence to their patterns.