Save your Shoes with these Puppy Chew Toys

altIf you have a new puppy, or your dog is just one of those that loves to chew on everything in sight, check out some of these unique puppy chew toys to help save your favorite pair of shoes from impending disaster.


altI know the quality of Nylabone products because I buy them for my dog and he just loves them. And while I haven’t had a puppy in a very long time, the reviews I have read on these Puppy Teething Rings seem to indicate that they are also a quality product and will provide your puppy with hours of fun and entertainment. 




Some dogs are just crazy about chewing on ice cubes and if this sounds like your puppy, it’s likely they’ll fall in love with this colorful chew toy that you keep frozen in your freezer. It’s designed to be used primarily for young puppies who are teething, so don’t give this petite chew toy to your full grown Burnese Mountain Dog or it will be history in a very short time!




These darling octopus chew toys are almost enough to make me want to get a puppy again…..well, almost! Puppies are so irresistible and adorable, but we all know how high energy they can be. So it’s important to keep them active and occupied with fun toys that will help prevent destructive dog behavior from cropping up out of boredom or during the time that puppy teething is occuring.