Are You Looking for a Dog Kenneling Alternative?


Do you cringe at the thought of needing to find a quality dog kennel whenever you have to go out of town? Then check out this great new alternative kenneling resource.

Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to have friends, family and a quality kennel all within my reach whenever I’ve needed to find a place to board my dog while I’m out of town. But I also remember many times in the past when I didn’t have all these trusted resources so readily available to me and I would have really appreciated having an alternative option like DogVacay

Dog Vacay was founded by a husband and wife team who owned two puppies and saw the need to create a new kind of resource for people to board their dogs, without always needing to use a kennel or burden friends or family to watch their pets every time they need to go out of town.

Think of it as a sort of Dog Boarding Network, where fellow pet lovers sign up and are screened to provide “home stays” for your dog. What makes DogVacay different, is that your dog will receive individual attention, in addition to providing many of the familiar comforts found in a home. Plus, your dog won’t need to sleep in a crate or cage, so you won’t have to feel guilty about that either.  And to sweeten the deal even more, the costs are usually a fraction of what a kennel would charge.



So read on to learn more about how it all works and to find out more about the variety of additional pet services also offered through this resource. You can either sign up to go through their screening process to become an enrolled caregiver yourself, or you can browse through their listings of qualified and registered caregivers who are available in your area. 

In addition to all these service, they provide an option for emergency and insurance support too. And some caregivers will even send photos of Fido to you while you’re away, so that you can see how well things are going in your absence.

Check out what’s available in your area for Dog Walking and Day Care services too, in addition to their 100% human and dog satisfaction money back guarantee.


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